Saturday, 23 August 2008

An Indo Journey

First Class Feral ---- Another 'Feral' Indo mission... Always a treat to read the magic and peril of surf exploration....

Friday, 22 August 2008

10 million surfers worldwide

A good run down of the "Surf Travel" industry.....

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Cashing in on surfers?

Hmm is this a good thing? These Solomon Island waves mentioned are reef breaks off the beach in front of local villages in Gizo.. If you prefer a more entertaining, culturally sensitive and aware surf trip then don't go there.. Stay with the local villages, the local surfers, and allow them to share the gift of surfing and life with you..... Besides a paddle out is much easier than a 10 min boat trip that would just about pay for a weeks stay with the locals...

Stuff like this has been creeping into surf terrorism since day dot... Cash in on the surfer, exclude the locals, overcrowd breaks and quite simply fiddle with the soul of surfing and exploration. The feral surfer will always get the best waves, but he/she is having to search and survive in ever more hostile conditions.

Power to da Lokalz

Lost or Preserved?

The gardens on Anuta

Stranded or living in paradise? This island tribe needs protection! What an amazing story~!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Who were they, and what was their mission?

"Three world's best surfers to tour surfing spots in Solomon Islands including North Malaita"

Needs further investigation... Were they invited? Who, where, what, and why i'm wandering.. I shall find out more!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Friday, 8 August 2008

Trekking Costa Rica

The Trek of My Life
Ten years ago, Mark Anders hiked a 60-mile stretch of Costa Rica's coastline in search of the perfect wave. This summer he returned to discover how the beaches, and he, had changed. 2005

Selling your soul?

Remember those days? Still living them? Never been there? Whatever the case surfing and searching for the elusive santosha is surfings holy grail, so check the film out and get out there...
Check-out for some economics of searching for, finding, sharing and the future of our surf paradise...

~~Follow the link below to read an interesting article ~~

Riding the wave to riches

From feral surfers to tourism operators; Michael Fordham charts surfing's success stories

"The feral surfer is a completely committed coastal survivalist who will remain camped in a parasite-infested jungle, and will brave political turmoil and natural disaster for months on end in order to ride pristine, empty waves. He is surfing’s Holy Fool, and, whether or not the ethics are intact, every traveller to the exotic coastlines and islands of the planet is deeply indebted to the trail he has blazed."


Been a while but I am back...

Life on the farm and deep into uni again means busybusy...

Almost got my website up and running now From there I will add this blog, video, surfcamp details and general surfing in the Solomon's low dow.. So check it out and dive in..