Monday, 21 January 2008

Who is visiting??

I just added Site Counter

A great program recommended by some net fellow to track how many people are checking the blog out...

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Feelin Feral

Sunday bloody sunday.....

I'm not really into Sundays.. Why live life under the make believe Gregorian calender?

"Please note: the Gregorian calendar is not a standard of measure, a criterion which is satisfied by the regular 28-day cycle of the Thirteen Moon Calendar. This is the moral mandate.
To change from the Gregorian to the Thirteen Moon 28-Day calendar is to redeem the destruction of the Mayan knowledge system decreed by the doctrine of Discovery, AD 1452, and completed by the Gregorian Calendar Reform of AD 1582. The New World Calendar Reform will allow the Church another opportunity before the advent of the Millennium to clear itself of the genocidal destruction of the New World Civilizations. This is the historic mandate."

I prefer to live in the now yet with a thorough understanding of the past and the future. I like to live with the seasons and nature, so I can remain healthy, happy and energetic in being.. That I guess is the crux of the Feral Surfer, to operate in the now is paramount to survival and joy, the weak of mind and life will quickly get chewed up and spat out from natures moments... I've seen many ancient tribes turned to ruin and fear through religion. The latest I heard was when I was in the Solomon Islands in Jan 08 and a group of american missionaries arrived with the intent on "teaching the locals to fear god with thought".When asked by a volunteer environmentalist if they could educate the locals about sustainability and the devestating effects of logging in the Solomon islands, they replied " "We do not believe in teaching them about that!" Now is it just me or are these people an alien breed??

What about $? We all inevitably use it and most work like little slaves to get it, and usually squander it on useless forms of self indulgent activities that either destroy the planet through a gross miss-use of resources, or the persons health and balance is destroyed because the activity is based on escapism and the person has blinkers on, unable to see the future consequences of the self indulgent activity... Besides this most often we need money, and it can be put to good use, so I am beginning to arm myself with $ generating ideas, creative $ making, sustainable $ making, $ to use/not abuse or get used by, and I will mingle deep within the Internet community to develop ways and means to live in abundance with and without $... My life is too precious to leave it under the control of "The wage Slave"! I am a creative and diverse being with unimaginable wisdom and power, I am free and healthy, a cosmic citizen on a mission to co-create with the universe.......... So really why do I need $?

Anyway stay tuned for the coming links regarding $ like ProBlogger this fella is onto it, full of info on life and $...

Monday, 14 January 2008

What is a "Feral Surfer"?

A Feral, as quoted from Wikipedia... " A feral organism is one that has escaped from domestication and returned, partly or wholly, to its wild state. Rarely will a local environment perfectly integrate the feral organism into its established ecology. Therefore, feral animals and plants can cause disruption or extinction to some indigenous species, affecting wilderness and other fragile ecosystems."

So a Feral Surfer
is generally refering to the surfer who for many reasons has left the luxury of society to venture out into the wilds. He may not have wanted to become Feral/wild but the circumstances may have forced it upon the person. The person usually morphs and adapts to the environment and either thrives or dies... If he starts to die he usually leaves (if he can) back to a safer more domesticated way of life. If he thrives he stays, his consciousness expands and he experiences some of the most profound joys of living. Moments come and go, flashing between pain and pleasure, peace and hostility, but as the Feral Surfer adapts he comes closer to the source of life and begins to encounter oneness.. He sees no separateness as he realizes he is coming home to his true being, his essential nature. He reflects on the way most people live their lives and how he once lived, and realises the futility in modern man lifestyle, the disconnection from reality and the chaos that "civilized man" forces on himself and on the rest of the planet... The Feral Surfer becomes strong, he grows with the natural environment and is taken on many life changing journeys that may become his new way of life/being.

Check out The great unrest
in surfer magazine for a little article on the feral surfer...

The Feral Surfer is an endangered species unfortunatly.. This I will discuss in more detail tomorrow... But untill then I will wander off and burn some insence...



Sunday, 13 January 2008

Getting back to basics

The feral surfer Lives! But the clock is ticking...... Or is it?

Thought I should begin a blog about the iconic and mystical character labelled "The Feral Surfer".
Who/What is a Feral Surfer? Where did he originate and where is he now? Why are Feral Surfers so timid to come into the spot light to illuminate the minds of other modern day surfers with insights into surfings true blessings? What gifts and insights does the Feral Surfer hold that he so diligently and secretively keeps to himself?

These and many other questions will be answered as I piece together from first hand experiences and global media articles, the world and lifestyle of this niche group of individuals, who for the most part do not have direct links with their fellow kind....

I want to provide a platform to develop detailed information on Feral Surfers. I dream that as Feral Surfers we can unite and rise up to meet the challenges we are facing in this modern era of surf commercialisation and bring back a little soul to the art of grassroots surfing. Together we can unite to protect the environment, rehabilitate the destroyed lands and seas, help impoverished people and defend the last outposts of surfings santosha's from the Modern Surfer and the greedy pigs that provide the means and comfort for these new breed of beings to infest. Once pristine places of surfing solitude and connection with the ancient art of Soul surfing and life itself are threatend, and on the point of extinction ( like much of the Earth and her inhabitants ), so now more than ever fellow Feral Surfers need to band together as a force to be reckoned with..

The other idea I have is to search the possibilites that will empower the Feral Surfer to be healthy, wealthy and of course wise. We need to operate in two worlds ( Santosha and Society ), to hold our lifestyle and dreams afloat, or we can bury our heads in the sand and let nature take its course.. The internet can be an ally and used well the future looks bright...

So stay tuned as I get things happening, and look forward to meeting some of my brothers and sisters, come share your thoughts and art, rage and wisdom, pictures of paradise or pictures of "paved paradise"..

Enjoy the ride