Sunday, 31 January 2010

Blog is Moving

There is going to be a short delay in material for this blog..

I'm currently setting up a new blog directly on the SolSurfer site.. Hopefully have it up in a couple daze.. I'm using the Wordpress platform which is going to allow this blog to be much more interactive, creative and easy on the eye.

Stay Tuned!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Is it better than sex

Time to get back inside the womb, thank god for Brian!
For those that don't surf, or have never been inside the barrel then try really hard to imagine being Brian.....  Firstly you will smile! You will see magic surround you, a beautiful playground of ocean, colour, sun, bubbles, energy and joy --- all happing in the NOW moment.. And thats what the purity of surfing is, its the essence of living in the now, flowing with the change and bliss that is the now.. The dream manifested and your the pilot... You feel the charge of life within the ocean run through your veins and envelope your consciousness, and energy that is so free and so exhilarating. No wander so many surfers say that "it's better than sex!"

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Surfing the web anywhere!

When we consider technology in 2010 in relation to exploration, adventure and freedom, what comes to mind? How can we best integrate green technology into our lives of joy and creativity, while sharing it?

Considering Apple Macs environmental cares and innovations, will you be jumping in to grab the latest in Apple's innovation and technologies, the Ipad? Are we heading further towards mobile internet freedom that is accessible anywhere, anytime, for extended periods? I'd like to see a weather proof model, one that is capable of linking USB devices too!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Are you ready for the revolution

"The next stage towards ecological enlightenment and serving Gaia is passive refusal to participate in the system

What the Earth System needs badly right now is a million acts of resistance to obstruct and eventually destroy the ecologically unsustainable economic growth machine

You can sit back and enjoy creature comforts for awhile more, participating in the slaying of Gaia, and then witness and feel personally the disintegration of being, or you can start crafting the land stewardship, resource renewal and political systems that will allow humanity to minimize the disruption and persist well post collapse

Cumulative ecosystem destruction – not only in climate, but also water, forests, oceans, farmland, soils and toxics -- in the name of “progress” and “development” -- threatens each of us, our families and communities, as well as the Earth System in total and all her creatures 

Revolutionary action such as ending coal use, reforming industrial agriculture and protecting and restoring old forests and other natural ecosystems, is a requirement for the continuation of shared human being."
Quotes taken from EARTH MEANDERS: Resisting Global Ecological Change

Humanity can wake up!
We all need to stop burying our heads in the sand and start integrating the information and statistics now available. There are many beautiful ways to live, yet most people choose pathways built from industrial practices and corporate consumerism which are basically barbaric, toxic and destructive, albeit comfortable.. Choose conscious pathways that are ecological, spread the ripples of truth and green responsibility that will hopefully save our planet from the imminent disasters predicted by prophets, scientists, ecologists, traditional cultures and awakened beings. There are so many pathways available, start choosing one a day, and integrate them into your life.  

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Message from the Albatros

Have you ever stopped to think how all those plastic items of convenience are manufactured, how toxic they are, and where they end up? The midway atoll is far far away from any human life in the middle of the North Pacific, yet too much of our waste ends up there, fish eat it, birds eat the fish, and the result is harrowing, innocent life left to die in pain and torture.. Generations dying, life-cycles verging on extinction...

If its not sustainable and ecological then don't make it, and don't buy it!
All toxic industries and manufacturing processes need to be outlawed, deemed crimes against life. Imagine catering for a dinner of world leaders and serving them each one of these birds.. Imagine a greener world, support life and be conscious of what you buy, make sure its recyclable and biological. 

"Perhaps this tragedy can serve as a multi-layered metaphor for the state of our world, our culture, and our own inner landscapes" Chris Jordan

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Youngest person to sail around the world

Ever dreamt of setting off around the world in a yacht, joining the water gypsies on the high seas of adventure and exploration of new lands, cultures, and great expanses? Imagine all those unridden waves lying out there, imagine a paradise with fringing abundant coral reef rimmed isles, dripping with coconuts, bananas and waterfalls.. Your never too young, or too old to do it!

 Image taken By Russ Dodd in the Solomon Islands 2009
"Jessica Watson is setting out to become the youngest person to sail solo non-stop and unassisted around the World." And she's turning just 17 this year!

 Image sourced from Jessica's Blog
Great to see the spirit of adventure still thriving amongst the youth, what a challenge and a dream to manifest, we could all learn a lot from Jessica!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Attention in 2010 and beyond

Are you aware of the major trends happening in 2010? 

Change, Innovation, and Participation are critical elements that do require your attention. Why? 

It's extraordinary where we as a global internet community have come since the .dotcom bubble bust days of the early 90's. Online Social Media is challenging the very design, operation and structure of our global societies, it's worth Billions too, so I think that we all really need to pay attention to the trends that are happing in 2010 and beyond.

Innovation and the integration of humans with online mobile technologies (the cyborg), are going to change the size and shape of societies, they will change the way we work, live, play and develop culturally. I see so many opportunities for skilled Internet Professionals to either have a brilliant idea that changes humanities landscape, or to drop in under the umbrella of a monumental and creative viral product/application/need/website that alters the way our global community lives and breathes.

Some inspiration to motivate you:
  • Although written in 2006, some great insights into media and money, the longtail, and the next generation that are already here. ~ The ultimate marketing machine
It goes on and on! Are you paying attention now? The greenies of our time need to jump on the bandwagon, we can make not only the virtual realm more green by understanding cyberspace and technologies, but we can green the Earth much more effectively by co-operating and implementing sustainable technologies with sustainable communities. The net result is a habitat of life, an eco-system of diversity that grows and nurtures living beings, creatures great and small.

Have you seen "The Green Beautiful"? We can make a stand and say no to the injustices against life on the planet and live in balance with nature, rather than trying to dominate and steal from nature.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Green Power

Help your laptop's battery life and the planet by investing in some solar charging options.. Most laptops have a limited life purely because of battery life. If you can use the power of the sun instead of electricity to charge your computer then you not only increase it's life but you also use a more renewable energy resource! Some products are listed here on Tree Hugger

Also see Unplug Your Laptop Forever in 7 Steps from Planet Green..

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Activativation of a Green Planet

ILL-us-ions on the edge of a precipice

What can we do about the current environmental crisis? Leslie Fieger reminds us that  
The single most important thing you can do is change the way you think. You must be the solution.

According to David Spratt from the article Illusions on the edge of a precipice, the climate crisis is not a negotiable issue and politicians must start paying attention to science. 
Each one of us has a hand to play, all our moments and choices can be geared to peace and harmony, to environmental consciousness and sustainablity, we can choose to act responsibly, put down the guns, plant trees and walk our talk, instead of driving towards our greed and fears. Throw out the TV's and get out into nature, if there is no nature left then make it your priority to get it back, unite with others and begin co-creation of a natural wonderland, paradise on Earth.. Its our time, its our Home...

Image taken from Averting Human Extinction

Friday, 8 January 2010

Living green in the modern world

Green computing and living in a grey world can be difficult at times, below is some research that I did regarding green computing

I like Finland's green initiatives towards green tech and cloud computing. "Excess heat from hundreds of computer servers to be located in the bedrock beneath Uspenski Cathedral, one of Helsinki's most popular tourist sites, will be captured and channeled into the district heating network, a system of water-heated pipes used to warm homes in the Finnish capital."
Cloud Computing's Green Mantra And How Finland Is Doing It Right

Many people and corporations are seeing not only green, but also profit from green. Can it happen overnight?

  • "Green IT 2.0", and "Green IP 2.0"
  • Eco-Patent Commons
  • "Dell aspires to be the greenest technology company on the planet" - Dell Earth
  • Gimmick maybe but visually yummy! - ASUS Bamboo Series
  • Green MacBook - "Greenest notebook Apple ever produced, built using materials that are highly recyclable and free of many harmful substances."
  • Living Green - Some great and simple solutions and reminders to living green in our modern world
Feelin Greener :))

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Japanese Whalers Ram Sea Shepherd Ship Ady Gil

At "0300 Hours on Wednesday, January 6th, in the area of Commonwealth Bay off the Adelie Coast" Bob Barker, a Norwegian ex whaling ship, the newest anti whaling ship arrived.

"The Japanese could be forgiven for thinking that the pro-whaling Norwegians had sent a ship to support their illegal whaling activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. But any excitement turned to disappointment quickly as the Norwegian flag was hauled down and the black and white skull with crossed Trident and Shepherd’s crook was raised to announce the arrival of the Bob Barker, the latest ship acquired for the Sea Shepherd ocean defense fleet."

The recent ramming of Sea Shepherd ship Ady Gil is cause for outrage, not only are the Japanese intent on still killing more whales in the Southern Ocean, they will kill humans in their quest. Our planet is in dire straights, an extinction crisis is under way, yet the Japanese are still killing one of the planets most beautiful and peaceful creatures.. When will this end? When will the Australian government intervene instead of relying on sponsorship from private and corporate concerned individuals and groups investing money, time and lives.

Time for peace and a humane humanity Japan@!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Surfing's ancient past

Connect back to the roots of surfing and surf culture, where our ancestors made their own boards and shared with joy the art and freedom of connecting with the ocean.

The History of Surfing From Captain Cook to the Present By Ben Marcus

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Why do we need to save and protect seed?

Seed diversity has been rapidly declining for a while now, but the rate is accelerating. We are in dire straights, species extinction is not only occurring to animals, but also to food variety. We are losing valuable seed forever, Cary Fowler gives us the low down on the situation, providing solutions, and emphasis to the urgency of seed saving.

Get Out there! ~ Plant organic seed, and most importantly, save and share the most healthy of them, for future

generations to enjoy..

Cary Fowler: One seed at a time, protecting the future of food

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Sustainable surf travel

The growing need to balance surf travel with a sustainable ecological footprint, is an ever growing concern for many surfers. Drift Surfing has a great article on the matter, along with beautiful and quintessential images which reminds us that our quest for Nirvana needs some serious thought.

"By devouring what is around us in a bid to offer the quintessential surfing experience, we only serve to represent what is wrong with surfing, and not what is so good and honest about it. Sustainability has to be about creating destinations that are in balance with nature and with the indigenous people who live in them."
Heaven on Earth

Friday, 1 January 2010

"The Black Star Surfers" Documentary

Surfing changes many lives for the better, "The Black Star Surfers" Documentary reminds us all how precious the joy of ridding waves is, how valuable our connection to the ocean is. Not many westerners can fathom the life of many poor Africans, the poverty and the limits of freedom and the pains of health. But we can fathom their joy and freedom when they enter the ocean world on a board for the first time, seeing life with fresh eyes and a vision for a brighter future...