Monday, 21 December 2009

Surf Exploration

So how does the average surfer explorer/adventurer
see Martin Daly?

"The man who arguably opened the Mentawais to surf tourism and began the surf boat charter industry, sometimes seems undecided about the result of what he’s done. Has he turned the beautiful virgin into a ravaged whore, or brought thousands of adoring disciples to worship at her feet? Yeah, both. A decade down the track, his boats still take surfers on the rides of their lives through the Mentawais, with diversions to some of her lesser known erogenous zones, but he now also takes the more intrepid travellers on voyages of discovery to remote breaks aboard the Indies Trader IV."

Would you go on one of his surf trips? For me no, lavish comfort aboard a fuel guzzling monstrosity is not my type of surf trip, nor do I agree with luxury boats rocking up to usually dirt poor villages with good waves nearby. Surely there are more fulfilling pathways to surf remote gateways that empower these remote villages, that give the gift of autonomy, global sustainability and friendship. For me that pathway is village stays.

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