Sunday, 24 January 2010

Message from the Albatros

Have you ever stopped to think how all those plastic items of convenience are manufactured, how toxic they are, and where they end up? The midway atoll is far far away from any human life in the middle of the North Pacific, yet too much of our waste ends up there, fish eat it, birds eat the fish, and the result is harrowing, innocent life left to die in pain and torture.. Generations dying, life-cycles verging on extinction...

If its not sustainable and ecological then don't make it, and don't buy it!
All toxic industries and manufacturing processes need to be outlawed, deemed crimes against life. Imagine catering for a dinner of world leaders and serving them each one of these birds.. Imagine a greener world, support life and be conscious of what you buy, make sure its recyclable and biological. 

"Perhaps this tragedy can serve as a multi-layered metaphor for the state of our world, our culture, and our own inner landscapes" Chris Jordan

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